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The NSSO collects and manages employer and employee social contributions used to finance the various branches of social security. It collects and distributes the basic administrative data for other social security institutions.

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2.839.670Full-time equivalents

4th quarter 2013 data

Laste update : 25/06/2014

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2014-09-09 Reduced possibility of reaching the National Security Office (NSSO) on September 4th

On Thursday, September 4th 2014 the NSSO will be exceptionally less reachable. The following offices will be closed on that day: the main Brussels office of the NSSO the regional information offices...

2014-07-03 A continuing recovery of the labour market in the year 2014

The early recovery of the labour market at the end of 2013 is strongly increasing in the beginning of 2014. As it appears from the statistical figures of the NSSO relating to the first quarter of...

2014-04-18 Presence registration: a survey of the rules

From 1st April onwards the presence of the workers carrying out construction works on certain workplaces has to be compulsorily registered. Are you not yet familiar with the new rules ? The NSSO has...
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